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We create precision-machined diaphragm-stator assemblies using the latest aircraft manufacturing technologies, including laser cutting, EDM, and EB welding. Explore your options for diaphragm assemblies and choose us to create them!

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Evaluate the differences between fabricated steel diaphragms and cast iron diaphragms from Turbo Engineering International so that you can make the right choice for your diaphragm needs!

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Fabricated steel diaphragms:

  • Limited to low ultimate strength, conducive to steam erosion in base iron

  • Base iron not repairable and vanes distort during the pouring of molten iron

  • Vanes become receptive to cracking during the cooling of cast iron

  • Dull finish following removal of vanes' coating (125/250 microinches)

  • High scrap rate due to inherent manufacturing problems, often increasing lead times

  • Long lead times due to outdated technology

  • Made from steel with superior strength and ductility

  • Stainless steel steam path meets API specs

  • Repairable by welding

  • Superior wear resistance to wet steam

  • Maintains surface finish on vanes during fabrication (32 microinches)

  • Enhanced flow pattern due to surface finish in steam path increases service life

  • Favorable lead times due to utilization of high-tech manufacturing process

Cast iron diaphragms:

final-machining-diaphragm finished-diaphragm