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All Styles of Double Reduction Gear

Turbo Engineering International can outfit your turbines with newly machined double reduction gears, precision-built to your exact standards. Our team manufactures double reduction gears in complete, high-speed format and helical herringbone format, as well as component parts for each style.

When you choose Turbo Engineering International to fabricate your double reduction gears, you'll receive parts backed by a 1-year WARRANTY, along with a team that can support your new turbine equipment with component parts and expert service!


In addition, double reduction gears from Turbo Engineering International typically outperform OEM parts in both lead time and item quality!

Get double reduction gears backed by a WARRANTY

Upgraded Double Reduction Gears

When you need new double reduction gears or component parts, turn to an industry leader - Turbo Engineering International!

Get double reduction gears made in a timely manner with quality materials from our expert team. Call us now!