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Examine Your Parts With NDT Tests

Enlist Turbo Engineering International to perform NDT testing on all materials made for your business!

Be Certain That Your Parts Are Ready for Use

NDT testing, also known as non-destructive testing, is your solution to ensuring that your equipment from Turbo Engineering International meets the exact specifications you've set forth. With a 1-year WARRANTY available on all parts, you're sure to feel confident in our products!

All rotors from Turbo Engineering International are NDT tested with magnetic particles prior to being balanced! Plus, all rotors are completely inspected for issues or defects and thoroughly blast-cleaned before heading to NDT testing. That's three layers of protection for your parts!


With over 100 years of combined experience, you can count on Turbo Engineering International to perform detailed NDT tests so that your materials exceed expectations, every time!

Explore the NDT testing process

Turbo Engineering International can exceed OEM standards for quality and lead time. Call our team to learn more today!